Moroccan fountains in zellige belong to the tradition of Moroccan craftsmanship. The decoration of riads, villas gardens or traditional hotels is made up around them. If the decoration of the fountains was originally stucco, the zellige will soon win. It will appear and develop under the dynasty Mérinides, which succeeds those of Almohades in 1269 in Marrakech. The zellige tiles at that time were on white, beige, blue, green and yellow tones. The color red will not appear until the seventeenth century. The range of colors will therefore expand constantly until today to bring together all the colors of the rainbow.

The decoration of the fountains on the Andalusian style will mix the colors white, blue, green, brown and black. This characteristic style will gradually become a widespread norm. It is found on many contemporary Moroccan fountains.

In the gardens of the villas, they are often arranged in a green setting. We will find near the inevitable bougainvillea majestic dwarf palms, a jasmine and some orange and lemon trees. This variety of colors and the imagination of zellige craftsmen will give birth to a whole range of wall or central fountains.

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