Handmade Furniture

The first known inhabitants of Morocco, the Berbers were the forerunners in the field of crafts especially in the work of wool (carpet), iron and silver (jewelry), various utensils and clay (pottery) . After the Islamization and the arrival of the Arabs, other forms of crafts developed: copper work (various utensils, tables), wood, wicker, alfa and clay (pottery ). This craft covers practically all Morocco and each region has its own specialties, drawn from the raw materials that are there in abundance. But the cities most known for their crafts are Fez (leather, copper, silver, gold, fabrics), Marrakech (leather, copper, carpet), Essaouira (wood, carpet, silver) and Rabat-Salé (pottery). The regions of Agadir and Tafilalet also have valuable crafts.


We are pledge to offer you a large selection of handmade furniture from Marrakech, Morocco. Moroccan furniture creates great cozy atmosphere and warms up your space.

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