Berber Rugs

Berber rug making date back to the Paleolithic era. For centuries, rugs have been made according to the same traditions using the same types of looms. The different models and ornaments have meanings related to beliefs and nature in the Berber culture.The motifs traditionally reflect the life of the weaver and we often find themes of fertility, birth, nature, religion. Some motifs also symbolize good luck or protection against misfortune ...

Passed down through generations from mother to daughter, authentic Berber rugs are unique handmade pieces that bring a touch of beauty and tradition to your space. It has been threatened since the turn of the century by the gradual settlement of the great nomadic tribes, but at the same time we are witnessing a revival in the forms of expression and the materials used.

Traditionally, rugs are made by young women and become part of the dowry for Berber weddings.  It is very common for these carpets to be used very lightly and the stored by families for the value they represent. Often sold to merchants in times of need. Berber rugs are traditionally made from wool on wool or wool on cotton. The two main types of wool rugs most represented are the Beni Ouarains (black geometric patterns on a white background and rather thick wool) as well as the Azilal (more colorful and richer wool).

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